Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively in many modalities to combine the wisdom of many indigenous teachings into her own unique therapies. We are deeply connected to the natural world and many of the ills of society today are a result of our separation from this. Resolve the deepest layers of imbalance using organic and transformational therapies. This is the 8th year of business operating in Port Stanley and has seen it's  growth primarily from referrals. 

She teaches yoga as medicine as opposed to a competitive pursuit. The term 'yoga' actually means 'union' and it is intended to reunite YOU back with your body, back with your breath, back with your emotions and back with your beliefs. What feels out of balance will become aware to you through this process and allow you the opportunity to let it go. The innate wisdom of the body will begin the restoration process once we become and aware and willing. 

Depending on the depth of imbalance, we often require greater intervention or assistance in getting us moving along the path to healing. It is now understood that dis-ease begins in the body from constriction of flow, beliefs and emotions, so taking our journey deeper we can work with the root causes of the imbalances and bring harmony back to all levels. 

Consultations are available to determine your specific program or package. Contact us at 519.317.3177 to set up a time today.

About Us


You only have to experience one of Sherri’s treatments to know that you are in the hands of a skilled and committed practitioner, passionate about the work she does. Through her kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards others Sherri creates a safe, comfortable environment that allows you to receive the benefits of her treatments and reach a state of true relaxation and self awareness.
Sherri’s training allows her to offer such a wide variety of different modalities, all with a common thread, so they work beautifully in combination. All of this, and Sherri’s willingness to share her knowledge to help you in your life’s’ journey, makes what State of Bliss has to offer truly unique…..
Sue Robson
Registered Massage Therapist and owner of Touch Works London 

"I have such high hopes since meeting you. Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I hold for you and your gift. Lucky me!!! Our paths have crossed for many reasons, all of which are very powerful and yet pure. Was never quite sure why I landed in this tiny village, now I know for certain, it was to meet you. As tough as life can sometimes be during the learning curve, it sure is full of wonder and perfection. This new world that you have introduced me to is astounding, so much to take in. Thanks again and looking forward to next week."

A State of Bliss...exactly how I feel when I participate in a class or receive a treatment that is offered here. I have experienced many of the treatments Sherri offers and highly recommend them. Her compassion and knowledge is phenomenal and she openly shares with you her insights and concepts. Sherri is truly gifted and a wonderful, caring person. She gives from the heart and puts her soul into all she offers at A State of Bliss. There is a genuine concern with her clients and she will provide you with exceptional tools to assist you in living a greater life. This is EXACTLY the type of business the world needs, and I feel I greatly benefit from her work as I have seen the changes in my own life. I have recommended her services to many and hope that this also inspires you to explore her offerings. Thank you Sherri for being the facilitator of change in my life. 
J. B. 

Dear Sherri! 
Lighter, bigger, all better, thanks to your talented and giving self. The world is a much better place because of you, never doubt that! May the aroma from these herbs and oils remind you of all the good you do for others and may they thrive in all the good that is coming to you. 
Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Gloria, who is feeling gorgeous.

The Seniors that attended Wednesday Yoga Class with Sherri would like to let you know in our own words how beneficial this class has become to all of us who regularly attend. We have learned, grown and become healthier due to the patience and knowledge of 'gentle' yoga that Sherri teaches us each week. I know that I have personally become stronger, walk straighter, stand up taller and have learned the power of breath and relaxation. However, most importantly to me is the fact that the arthritis in my hip has literally disappeared! I had been under the care of an arthritis specialist and now no longer need his care. 
A heartfelt thank you, 

Dearest Sherri
Compassion, knowledge, warrior, teacher and student. Human and divine beauty. I feel honoured to have witnessed and experienced all of these qualities in you through your therapies. You are such a gift. The power in your hands is extraordinary! It is a confirmation to me and I am sure all others who find you that you are so deeply meant for this path of work. I look forward to experiencing more with you! May you continue to rise. 
In love and gratitude

I was away for a couple weeks and decided to join a yoga class to keep up with my regular practice at A State of Bliss YOGA and attended something I am going to call 'crazy yoga' - very little warm-up, loud pop music, fast paced flow movements, poor scripting and instructions. Beyond all of this....I did great! I was so proud that I could do it all, excepting I had some balance issues due to the quick pace and little focus time allowed. This is a HUGE testimony to the AMAZING teaching we receive in my regular classes with Sherri. Without her excellent training, I'd have injured myself. So THANK YOU SHERRI for all the gifts you give us. Slow and methodical and knowledgeable and mindful wins the day, allows for strength, flexibility and growth. 
Jill C.

A few words about us

We strive to provide you with a safe, peaceful and healing environment in both our classes and therapies so you can 'let go' on the deepest level. Throughout our lives we are conditioned to wear social masks and suppress our authentic selves. Over time this can manifest itself as depression, illness or tension. Discover your truth and ultimately your joy as you unravel from the demands of our current society and social expectations. The freedom is yours to choose.

A State of Bliss

 (519) 317-3177