Shamanism has been described as 'one who sees in the dark' or an intermediary between 2 worlds, but also 2 minds. It is an ancient healing tradition and also a way of life. Shamanism is not a textbook study, however there is a component of theory and methodology that requires understanding before sitting with the greatest teacher, Nature herself. This is a very sacred practice and can only be truly mastered with a deep intent and purity of heart. In this mentorship you will be taught in 3 expansive modules of study. The first of 3 modules will be offered this fall with a desired break in teachings to experience and digest what has been offered and continuing studies in February/March of 2018 with the 2nd module if you so choose to deepen your experience. We are existing in unparalleled times and the indigenous have relied on these practices to maintain balance within their lives and communities, which we are so deeply needing in our society.

In the 1st module we will be exploring what is is to walk the Shamanic path, how to rise above ego and amplify the body for personal healing. Rituals will be taught and examined to connect you to forces and practices to strengthen your desires and ability to manifest. We will learn the art of journeying to meet with your allies and receive healing, wisdom and guidance. A beautiful and potent ritual of Medicine Bathing will be taught using the power of Nature. Also within this teaching we begin to establish a conscious connection to Nature and her medicine. Fire is transformation and you will learn how to create a powerful and sacred fire that can be used for any ritual. Other rituals to bring forth change, manifestation or clearing will also be taught in this rich and one of a kind offering. Within the teachings we will also explore the Elements in a deeper sense, understanding the connectedness of all and how it creates opportunities, desires, purpose and callings in our life. As an added bonus we will delve into the vibration of your name through Dagara Numerology. It is a powerful tool to give you clarity in your purpose and also see the weaknesses in your chart which you can work towards balancing.

Understand that this course is something that will call to you when you are ready. It is a deep excavation of oneself and requires a commitment from the practitioner to do the work.

We will be meeting 2 times; once on Friday, Oct 6th and again on Friday, Nov 3rd in a remote location with beautiful land surrounding us. Please bring your lunch and water and check with weather for the day as some of the training is done in Nature. Printed notes will be provided with rich and universal wisdom from several lineages to bring you a unique and powerful teaching. 

Course Cost: $497 + HST   Module 1

Commencing: Friday, October 6th, 2017

Limited space available.


A gentle way of healing with energy. The treatment is restorative and renewing to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. In Level 1 the participants are attuned to the Reiki Ray and taught how to give treatments to oneself, pets and others. Reiki is for everyone; discover a deepening of your spiritual journey and expansiveness. Time is allotted to practice on each other to learn hand placements and techniques. Please avoid consumption of caffeine or alcohol prior to attunement.   
Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated Reiki Manual/ Guide and an official Reiki Level 1 Certificate.
Class Fee: $125 + HST

Date: Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Time: 10am - 5pm
Preregistration is required to secure your space and order materials for certification. 


You are attuned to the 2nd degree of Reiki and explore distance healing. This concept allows you to grasp the connectedness to all on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.  Your intuition increases as you take this quantum leap on your spiritual journey. This attunement opens your heart chakra and allows you to feel compassion on a much deeper level. Please avoid consumption of caffeine or alcohol prior to attunement. 
Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated Reiki Level II Guide/Manual and an official Reiki Level II Certificate.
Class Fee: $154.87 + HST
Preregistration is required to secure your space and order materials for certification. Reiki Level 1 prerequisite that has practiced for a minimum of 6 months.

All courses require full payment to confirm your space and allow for materials to be printed and prepared for the day. 

Certification Courses/Workshops

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