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Body Bliss - Ayurvedic body massage, using therapeutic grade essential oils. Deeply restorative and detoxing. 
$53.10 + HST
Add Exfoliation to massage $66.37+ HST (90 min therapy)
Start Loving Yourself Today
Our intentions are to provide you the most uplifting, professional, relaxing and revitalizing treatments and classes. Our bodies are the vehicle to joy and often times we become out of balance with the demands of life and the toxicity of our environments; be it the mind, the body or what is surrounding us. Make a commitment to yourself, step into your joy and restore your health, balance and energy and live your best life.
Joy is the end result.
Sherri Smith
 Certified Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master Teacher
Master-Instructor IET Practitioner
Blue Matrix Practitioner
Accupressure Therapist
Relaxational Massage
Raindrop Technique Therapist
Ayurvedic Body Treatment/Organic Facial
Meditation & Journeying Practitioner
Customized Treatments and/or Gift Certificates Available
Yoga was a whole new experince for me. Since beginning at A State of Bliss, with Sherri, under her exceptional instruction and leadership, I have found an entire new range of flexibility. Yoga has also created a calmness within me and a whole new outlook on myself and life in general. I look forward to each and every class.
B. H.
A State of Bliss is truly an amazing place! Thank you Sherri for providing the best yoga class ever. I have enjoyed your other services and they have enhanced my life in many ways. Thank you for going above and beyond, and providing outstanding experiences!
L. D.
A State of Bliss is a welcoming, loving environment. It is a place where I inwardly connect and have developed strength and balance in every aspect of my life. Sherri not only guides me through yoga class, but with her experience, knowledge and loving nature has provided me with the tools I can carry with me for life.
Sherri..Thank you sooo much for the life changing experience!!! To anyone thinking of starting yoga; do yourself the biggest favour of your life and take some time for you with yoga!!! The peace and harmony it has restored to my mind, body and soul is amazing!! By applying the techniques I discovered here I have become a healthier, happier and more empowered me....love that giggle yoga too!! lol
Best wishes Sherri and thank you!!!
A State of Bliss...this is exactly how I feel when I am participating in a class or treatment. So much of what is offered here is rejuevenating, relaxing and restorative to both mind and body. I have experienced many of the treatments offered and would highly recommend them to anyone; Sherri's compassion, knowledge and gifts are phenominal and her love of her work pours through her hands. It is not often you will meet someone with such integrity and passion with their work. There is genuine interest in each and every client and I have made this a part of my self care to have regular treatments....I anticipate each one as it always is a new experience for me. She seems to know exactly what is needed for me.
In closing, I would like to say that A State of Bliss is how we would all like to feel and Sherri will teach you the tools to achieve this. I have shared these treatments with friends and family and they all loved it.
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