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Returning to Nature

Signature Retreat Series

October 5th - October 8th, 2017

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$597 + HST until September 15th, 2017 for camping/ $747 + HST for house accommodations

Unresolved issues show up in our lives in many ways, and a form of addiction keeps us attached to that story. We are Nature, and it is from our disconnection that we begin to stray into toxic patterns. 

  • a reoccurring pattern of challenging relationships
  • feeling trapped or stuck in an unhealthy situation
  • complaining and/or negative focus
  • a lack of purpose and/or joy 
  • over-reacting to small problems as if they are major crises
  • obsessively worrying about the future
  • feeling unmotivated or powerless
  • difficulty in concentrating or focusing, insomnia or sleep issues

As we begin to establish an intimate connection with the abundance of Nature around us, we move away from our fears and into our joy. Nature is authentic. It invites you to drop the social mask and get real. This retreat is a joyful exploration of ourselves, our truest Nature amidst Nature. 

Have you attended retreats/workshops in the past that felt inspiring but returned and fell into the same traps and patterns? Teachings primarily sit at a knowledge level and until we step into the experience, only then will it become wisdom and a place to live from. It becomes our experience and our truth. 

This retreat promises to expand you, to wow you and to bring you back to a place of joy and peace within yourself. Step into your power and to be your beautiful self in this incredible immersion!

  • Water rituals for understanding the body holding patterns and allowing us to fully surrender
  • Shamanic Journeying to retrieve your Nature Spirit
  • Mask making to express your wildest self
  • Trance Dance to align your body and spirit and experience joy on a cellular level
  • Daily meditations and body movement to enliven the body and centre the mind
  • Forest Bathing to create an imprint within your psyche of nurturance and peace
  • Exploration of society's labels; deep reflection on its impact on your beliefs and ceremony for releasing
  • Immersion in Nature (similar to Vision Quest)
  • Closing gratitude ceremony and a celebration of the new you!


Date - Thursday, October 5th at noon through Sunday, October 8th  following closing of space (approx 11 am)

Cost - $689 + HST for camping on land, $829 + HST for house accommodations

Location - 40 acres of private wooded land in Southwestern Ontario (details of location to be provided upon registration)

Beautiful nourishing meals provided 3 times daily. For the greatest transformations, we will be sending out a dietary preparation for this event as digestion can impede the process. Meals will be primarily vegan with limited dairy and glucose.

Campers will have access to a private outdoor shower, which feels incredible under the warm summer sun. Portable toilets will be onsite as well for your convenience.

This retreat is limited to 12 participants, a small community of like-minded souls to create an intimate container for the transformation. Registration is confirmed by sending $100 non-refundable deposit to sherri@astateofbliss.com. Balance will be due September 30th, 2017. 


Sherri Smith is the owner/practitioner of A State of Bliss and holds deep and powerfully trans-formative medicine in her core. Her trainings are extensive and encapsulate the teachings of several lineages of wisdom which include the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She has experience with universal medicines from many continents and masters, allowing her to blend the traditions to create the greatest results for individuals and groups.  It is her desire and purpose to reconnect ourselves back to that which we have forgotten and in doing so, empower us to move forward with clarity, support, peace and purpose. 

Susan Morel is the owner/practitioner at The Coaching Room in London, ON and has walked the shamanic pathway all her life. She began her formal training under the gentle care of Wind Eagle and Rainbow Hawk, lineage keepers of an ancient body of wisdom called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, Ehama Institute, NM. www.ehama.org

As a Certified Equine Facilitator, Susan partners with horses to heal humans.  Susan continues to study Shamanic Healing www.medicinecircle.ca through the loving expertise of Daniel Leonard, Dancing Bear. She believes this is a ‘re-remembering’ of a lost art on her life long journey.
Susan is also a Certified Professional Co-active Coach www.thecoachingroom.com  and credits those studies to having her walk in ‘this world’ enabling the twin journey of coaching & shamanism and bringing her gifts of evoking profound insights and evolving the spirit consciousness in individuals and groups.  

Tribal Thunder facilitates educational, team building and discovery programs by connecting us to the heartbeat of the Earth with the wisdom of a deeply imbued lineage from South America. They will be holding space for us during a component of this retreat with intense drumming and sound resonance. Many other programs are offered and are available to view at www.TribalThunder.com

Give yourself permission to 'let go' and celebrate your authentic self! Often what we most fear is the very thing that sets us free.