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About Sherri Smith

Resolve the deepest layers of imbalance using organic and transformational therapies.

Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively in several modalities to combine the wisdom of these indigenous teachings into her own unique therapies.

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Why Choose Sherri?

Sherri has trained extensively over the last 20 years in very remote regions of the world, to understand and also experience the rich and preserved methodologies that many traditions practice in bringing wellness back to self or community. This is the 12th year of A State of Bliss operating in Port Stanley and has seen its growth primarily from referrals.

Her belief is that although we have made great strides in Western medicine, these very critical and key practices can carry us from the often life-saving approaches the West provides to a place of full and vibrant recovery.

Her travels and trainings have included being certified in Subtle Body Energy work, including breath work; 3 lineages of African Shamanic medicine; the plant medicines and ritual of the Amazon (Shipabo tribe); certification as a yoga and meditation instructor, including being immersed in an ashram for 5 months; a deep and expansive knowledge of the body through Ayurveda bodyworks; subtle body energy experiences and training and the meridians through Asian medicines.

Depending on the depth of imbalance, we often require greater intervention or assistance in getting us moving along the path to healing. It is now understood that dis-ease begins in the body from the constriction of flow, beliefs and emotions, so taking our journey deeper we can work with the root causes of the imbalances and bring harmony back to all levels.


Sherri has been certified in 5 lineages of energy work, achieving Master level in 3 modalities and continues to immerse and explore herself in these expansive teachings to bring you, the client a very unique and powerful experience.



Sherri is a specialist in:

Ayurvedic BodyWork
Reiki Master/Instructor
IET Master/Instructor
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Meditation Instructor
Shamanic Practitioner
Spiritual Guidance

Rediscover balance & nature to bring about a reconnection to your body’s natural rhythm.

Training Experience

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Bali, Indonesia

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Shamanic Rituals

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South Africa

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The Sahara

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Nature Immersions

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