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A State of Bliss offers many comprehensive body work with customizable add-on treatments.

Massage Stones

60 Minute Massage

Sequential strokes using organic oils infused with essential oils (the medicine) are applied lovingly to the body and allow for stillness of mind and muscle so we can let go of tensions and blockages from within.

Book this profoundly restorative therapy today and discover why it has been coined ‘Bliss therapy’.



A sequence of preparation, steam, cleansers and wrinkle therapies that become deeply relaxing to both body and mind, which creates a more transformational and permanent result than cosmetic approaches. Included in this session is a hand and foot massage that promotes relaxation to the entire central nervous system.

The entire back is cleansed and calmed using balancing remedies and strokes, with glowing results. Rich and luxurious oils applied to skin providing radiant glow.

Approx. 60 minutes



A complex system that identifies and addresses the mass of 7,000 nerve endings that are contained in the feet. Predefined pressure points located on the hands and feet connect directly through the nervous system and affect the bodily organs and glands.

These points are manipulated with pressure techniques allowing the source of pain, illness or potential debility to strengthen and heal. Includes lower limb destagnation.

Approx. 60 minutes


Ayurvedic Massage

All of the services above can be combined with each other,
or upgraded with the following add-ons below:

Garshana Body Exfoliation

Add this initial body scrub to your service to clear the channels of absorption and allow the oils to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

It creates an electrostatic charge to the skin to slough away dead skin cells and enhance circulation, leaving you feeling stimulated and fresh.



This bronze domed tool is used in conjunction with beautifully crafted serums to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote glowing skin. Small circular motions are applied along marma points to relieve muscular tension and stress, increase blood flow to the tissue and reduce the signs of aging. Deeply relaxing and the perfect complement or completion to the Ayurvedic Facial.

Approx. 30 minutes



The design of the ear canal is unique with ear wax being supportive in the balance of lubrication to the tissue as well as protection from bacteria much like beeswax is renowned for in its usages. As we age or establish imbalances there can be a build up within the canal that requires some assistance opening. Ear candling is a gentle way to dislodge any blockages and free the canal of pressure which may result in aching, loss of hearing, a sense of it feeling plugged, tinnitus (ringing in ears), infections including sinus, vertigo and establishing a healthy bacteria level.

This session lasts approx 1 hour and includes Nasya oil drops into ear canal following the candling to restore a healthy lubrication to the canal and head massage, including marma therapy to allow the penetration of these medicated oils to ingest deeper into the tissue.



Energy Works



Energetic pathways are opened and cleared with Reiki energy being transferred into the client through hands on approach. This energy is utilized by the client for elevating their own natural ability to heal, feel peace or deep restoration. Excellent practice to be use in conjunction with recovery process from surgeries/traumas etc.

This promotes deep peace and relaxation. May include healing attunement.

Approx. 90 minutes


Shamanic Energy Work

A powerful blend of drumming, breathwork, meditation and hands on healing to create deep release and balance in the body, mind and spirit, including journey to discover your power animal or guides. May include journey for retrieval, allies or greater wisdom.

Approx. 90 minutes



This profoundly impactful practice upgrades your energy field,
re-establishing patterns of coherence within the body for greater energy flow to the physical self, the emotional self and mental self.


Circuitry is strengthened and practices implemented to bring the client greater awareness to their own personal power and wellness management.

Approx. 90 minutes


Rain Drop Technique

Derived from the Lakota Indians, this is an introduction of specific essences and key strokes to both the soles of the feet and the spine.

This supports the healing of bacteria lodged in the spine, scoliosis, neurological imbalances, compression in the disks, and promotes overall well being.

A blend of base oils are used for this therapy.



Customized Therapies

Initial consultation is created to discern what approach would best suit your needs in restoring a sense of balance to daily rhythms. After the initial sharing of information, we would begin the first session with some determined hands on approach or teaching. May involve a combination of services: mindful movement or yoga therapy, breath work, hands on therapy, meditative/awareness practices or energy work. A restorative approach will be discussed as well as aspects you can adopt into your daily routine. 

Issues or illnesses such as depression, sleep disorders, sciatic pain, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, attention and focus imbalances and much more can be greater managed and alleviated. 

Initial consultation approx. 90 minutes

No imbalance or disease is untreatable in some capacity.


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