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Right Relationship

Searching For Truth: A Blog by Sherri Smith


More than once I have asked myself why I travelled this path into the unknown, outside the society norm and into these unfamiliar but comforting terrains of the alternative world. I left the corporate world and what I perceived as security to answer a call from within. The reasonings were vast and an entire book could be written on the ‘whys’ but to encapsulate it into a few words it was the immense suffering I was witnessing; in our society, within myself, in our environment, and in the natural world. It felt worth the risk to take the chances and make the changes to explore these alternatives. I guess you could label me a sensitive or empath or whatever other labels are out there, but I would like to feel that I had an open heart, or pieces of it enough to allow me to listen with my body instead of my head. The incredible fears I faced were immense; self-doubt, anxiety and hesitancy were all-consuming as well as the fears shared by others in what I was about to embark on. What I didn’t realize then is that I was experiencing Right Relationship with myself. What I also didn’t realize was that on the other side of that fear was this vast wealth of knowledge and expansive joy in honouring my heart.

A common thread amongst many indigenous wisdom traditions is the law of right relationship. It is understood that as a citizen of the earth we acknowledge and respect the relationships we have with all things…and leaving least footprint. The elders or council of each community house the wisdom to assess how right relationship can be maintained or restored. It may be within a family unit, a decision of construction within the village or in providing sustenance for the community. Any living thing that is impacted must be considered and its law of right relationship. There are rituals or practices in place to keep oneself in right relationship with self. Contemplations, initiations, song, play, dance and purpose maintained a sense of balance within each individual thereby creating the ability to have right relationship with all things.

It feels very apparent that if we continue on the path we are on that there may be some cataclysmic results. The suffering feels louder. The grand plan, I believe, in our existence is to create a heaven here on earth. If I am wrong, it’s still not a bad idea and I’d like to strive for it. Creating right relationship with ourselves is one of the greatest contributions we can make towards this vision, this possibility. Right relationship is often a moment to moment task, as moment to moment, something within or around us changes. It is in the listening to the heart and our senses that we can experience the amazing potentials of right relationship. It is not a task, but a way of living. It is not measured for it is never complete. I am hopeful for the things I see emerging from the increasing number of nature posts on social media, to the movement towards buying local, and minimalism. I am encouraged in the awareness I see occurring and the conversations that are happening. I am encouraged by the groups I see being created and the brilliant new concepts that are being revealed. Right relationship is not about suffering, it is it’s complete polarity. Right relationship is freedom, it is peace. It nourishes us with support, with abundance and health and our ability to thrive. It is imbued with joy, our fundamental nature. The heart of our earth, our society and our truest nature are all calling for it.


Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively and globally with ancient modalities and traditions to combine the wisdom these teachings into her own unique therapies. We are deeply connected to the natural world and many of the ills of society today are a result of our separation from this. Sherri's commitment to her own journey keep her immersed in teachings, experiences and advancement, in turn providing rich and rare content to her offerings. There is a yearning within each of us to live a greater life. Discover your power, your gifts and your truths.

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