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The Waves of Change

Searching For Truth: A Blog by Sherri Smith


Change is constant and not always comforting. We have just entered into a new decade and historically is a time of reflection and intention setting. The planets and their influence around us during this season support the change, and the momentum is building.

Riding the waves of change is an art which can eventually land us upon a new shore. It is a continued practice of coming back to this moment, this breath, and witness all that is well as we move beyond the familiar. Leaning into the unknown becomes empowering and opens us to a broader way of thinking and into a vaster experience. Our perspective shifts and we ease into releasing the old ways of being, doing and thinking.

When turbulence is occurring, it is a message that we are veering off-course. In ignoring it, the messages becomes louder, red flags wave and all appears chaotic. It is the soul’s attempt to divert the impending disaster. We can witness this also on a global scale.

Adversity and grief are deep processes to move through – being gentle and finding the right support and space for the process can assist us in detangling ourselves from the suffering and come to a place of deep peace. It’s an inside job; gift yourself the time to release the shackles of pain as our design is to radiate our most beautiful vibration.

What I have come to learn as a means to navigate through some of life’s great challenges is the steady practice of 4 things:

  1. Vibrate your desires – this is the message you are putting out to the universe on a continual basis. Like a prayer but felt within every cell of your being. If your body constricts as you are speaking/thinking it, witness the resistance and breathe until it begins to feel more expansive. If the constriction does not diminish, consider if it is an ego based desire or heart-felt. The ego should be the servant to our deepest desires.

  2. Surround yourself with high-frequency people and environments. My game is always improved when I am with super-charged, authentic and loving people. Sift through the superficial or draining personalities and let them gently go. Entanglement with others negativity keeps you from a joyful life. You can hold space for someone but it is up to them to do the work. Clean your home of clutter and be open for something new to arrive. Raise the bar on the places you spend time in; nature is often the most profound of them all.

  3. Practice self love, self awareness, self mastery and love of the earth daily. The great masters in history were not born into it. In fact most often they faced tremendous adversity and found ways to use it as a platform for change. We ALL deserve a beautiful and expansive life.

  4. Breathe and breathe often. Connect to the sensation and expansiveness of your breath to balance body and mind. This is a potent piece that rebuilds our circuitry and maintains our place in present moment awareness. There are many tutorials on breath techniques available to us – find one that resonates and practice daily.

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi


Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively and globally with ancient modalities and traditions to combine the wisdom these teachings into her own unique therapies. We are deeply connected to the natural world and many of the ills of society today are a result of our separation from this. Sherri's commitment to her own journey keep her immersed in teachings, experiences and advancement, in turn providing rich and rare content to her offerings. There is a yearning within each of us to live a greater life. Discover your power, your gifts and your truths.

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