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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Searching For Truth: A Blog by Sherri Smith


The photo above was taken by Sanford Photography; he has captured some incredible images of the power of this lake and is available to view on his website. The fishing vessel in the background is one of our local commercial boats which braves these waters in often times some extreme conditions. This particular image shows the vessel coming back to the harbour after a day on the lake. I spoke to one of the crew on this vessel regarding this image and said it must be challenging to be out there in much of the conditions nature can create. His response prompted me to write this blog…

His reply to me was that he wouldn’t want it any other way because it allowed him to truly feel with his entire body the experience; it made him feel alive. Wow.

The tragedy of our current existence is that we have distanced ourselves from vitality and in that it dulls our senses. When was the last time you did something you truly feared? The custom of our culture is that we migrate to example is travel. We all aspire to see other countries but often spend the majority of the time in a plastic lawn chair or intermingling with other tourists. We spent all that money and traveled all that distance and yet we aren’t living the experience. I recall some of the sweetest and most memorable moments I have experienced in my travels being of a raw and organic nature. Sitting in dirt along side a local resident, building a fire from whatever we can collect and then cooking some fish that was gifted to us from the boats coming in with their days catch. After an entire day of walking, swimming in the ocean and observing nature in a random way this came as a great welcome, and the taste was extraordinary. There is something so primal about an outdoor, raw and radical experience. No umbrellas or latest footwear, just you and the elements. Walking in the rain and getting completely drenched is perhaps one of my favorite things. It is only water and it allows you to experience the moment. We all attest to love nature but how often do we allow ourselves to truly be IN it? Many watch it through a glass window or on some Nature program. We are missing out on the other 4 senses; to feel, to smell, to taste and often to hear.

When we immerse ourselves in an experience, be it culturally, environmentally, socially or geographically, we become alive again in a way that has often been asleep. Of course it is ‘uncomfortable’ because it is unfamiliar, but it is in that awakening that we truly activate our senses. It also begins the process of eradicating fear. We have been conditioned to fear so much for mainstream media and yet on the other side of it is joy. I have seen this over and over again in my life. There are so many ways we can challenge ourselves to push us outside of our comfort zone; on the other side of it is a gift awaiting you. A deep, rich, embodied experience.


Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively and globally with ancient modalities and traditions to combine the wisdom these teachings into her own unique therapies. We are deeply connected to the natural world and many of the ills of society today are a result of our separation from this. Sherri's commitment to her own journey keep her immersed in teachings, experiences and advancement, in turn providing rich and rare content to her offerings. There is a yearning within each of us to live a greater life. Discover your power, your gifts and your truths.

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