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Writing a New Story

Searching For Truth: A Blog by Sherri Smith


A beautiful new year is arriving; a linear marker in time that can feel like a fresh page or new beginning in your life.

Resolutions have been the custom on New Years with them often falling away within a month of being spoken. I barely make it through the first week and yet year after year I try again. This year it is time to explore a different approach.

An alternative to stating the things we wish to change and then fighting that urge to return to that familiarity is to sit with, and to witness without judgement the patterns; whether they are a belief, or an emotional response or behaviour, and then gently process through the imbalance or wounding. It requires acceptance, a steadiness of will and often forgiveness. As we come fully through the process there is a gratitude felt for the experience/lesson.

The natural marker of a cycle or year is the Winter Solstice. It is a time of darkness; to lean into the discomforts of the past year and witness without attachment that which brought us pain and also that which brought us joy. It works in rhythm with nature, and beckons you to find sanctuary. The sun is waning and coming to a pause before it begins its journey around the planet again with renewed energy. In leaning into the discomforts or challenges, it allows me to accept the full spectrum of my behaviours, thoughts and emotions and accept them as my teachers. We are all of it, both ends of the spectrum of what can be expressed. Without pain we cannot fully understand and appreciate joy.

This approach is what many ancients practiced. To know we are all of it. And beyond it. The layers of our being – the emotional, the mental and the physical – all contribute to teaching us we are greater than this. We are so much more; we are infinite spirit and pure potential. It is in releasing the bonds of the story that allow us to become empowered and live in grace.

It is my intention in this coming cycle to go as deep as I can. To face the story that has held me back from becoming the best version of myself I can create. This is my commitment to self so that the rest of this lifetime will be rich with love and experience.

This year’s Solstice is extraordinary in its energy. Astrologically the planets are aligned as such to reveal to you the discomforts and also the insights. It is an opportunity to purge away false relationships and destructive behaviours. Connection to breath, to your essence and to the planet. Take time to be in nature, alone, and drink in your desires for a new and exciting chapter to your life. Write a beautiful new story with me.

I watched a TedTalks many years ago with Jill Bolte Taylor sharing her experience of having a stroke. It opened my mind to the realization that we are much more than physical beings having a physical experience here on earth. It is worth the 20 minutes to watch.


Sherri Smith from A State of Bliss has trained extensively and globally with ancient modalities and traditions to combine the wisdom these teachings into her own unique therapies. We are deeply connected to the natural world and many of the ills of society today are a result of our separation from this. Sherri's commitment to her own journey keep her immersed in teachings, experiences and advancement, in turn providing rich and rare content to her offerings. There is a yearning within each of us to live a greater life. Discover your power, your gifts and your truths.

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