Fall Promotional Packages

Huge savings available coupled with the ability to move closer to your health and wellness goals. 

  • Option #1 - 3 pack Reiki/Reflexology sessions for the price of $125 + HST......over $25 in savings!
  • Option #2 - 5 pack Reiki/Reflexology sessions for the price of $200 + HST.....over $50 in savings!
  • Option #3 - 5 pack Organic Oil massages for the price of $250 + HST ......over $60 in savings!

These prices will remain in effect until September 30th, 2016. Sessions must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase. It is important to note that the ability to restore balance to the body is greater when successive and closely booked sessions are in place. 

Take advantage of these incredible savings now. Claim your right to restoration, health and ease today. 

Call 519.317.3177 or send email via website on the contact page. 

Yoga - Massage (Ayurvedic) - Reiki - IET - Reflexology - Shamanic Work - Certification - Retreats and more!


Please bring your own mat, water bottle and blanket to class, wear comfortable clothing and prepare for a nourishing, deepening experience. Sherri provides not only a safe environment for the practice but a wealth of knowledge to provide you with tools for a better life. She views yoga as 'medicine' for the body and will impart the wisdom behind the postures as you experience the benefits firsthand. Become the master of your own health. Call today! 519.317.3177

Port Stanley Legion Classes

(Nourishing Yoga)

Classes being held at the Port Stanley Legion on both Mondays and Fridays. These classes incorporate Breath work, nourishing postures and centering. Packages  of 10 classes are $100 + HST.

Program is in session however new students are always welcome!

Please bring your own mat and blanket.

Class Time: 10:45am- 11:45am

Call 519.317.3177 for more information.


A State Of Bliss

We are existing in a high stress, ever demanding and toxic environment. Although we have evolved with technology and science, our bodies have remained organic. Rediscover the ancient wisdom of balance and nature to provide you with the tools or therapies to bring about a reconnection to your bodies rhythm. It is time for radical self care to manage these stressful times. 

Customized Packages

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Treatments and Therapies


Yoga Classes

rediscover balance and nature to bring about a reconnection to your bodies natural rhythm

A State of Bliss

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