Yoga Class Schedule for Spring/Summer 2015

Gentle Yoga

9-10 am

Gentle Yoga

10:45-11:45 am

6-7 pm

5:15-6:30 pm

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rediscover balance and nature to bring about a reconnection to your bodies natural rhythm

A State Of Bliss

We are existing in a high stress, ever demanding and toxic environment. Although we have evolved with technology and science, our bodies have remained organic. Rediscover the ancient wisdom of balance and nature to provide you with the tools or therapies to bring about a reconnection to your bodies rhythm. It is time for radical self care to manage these stressful times. 

Start Loving Yourself Today!

Treatments and Therapies

Summertime Promotion

In celebration of 5 successful years of business, A State of Bliss is offering a never before special!

Option #1 - 5 Reiki/IET or Reflexology sessions - or try a combination of these services- for the price of $200! (minimum $50 savings)

These sessions are 1 hour in duration and work more effectively when booked in short spans between each visit. See description of each treatment in our 'Services' section of website.

Option #2 - 5 90 minute massages for the price of $300 ($175 savings!)

These sessions can be packaged in a way that will best serve your specific needs, including using a portion of the treatment for Reflexology, Marma point therapy or Garshana exfoliation. Again, booking these in closer proximity to each other has more optimal benefits as the work can go deeper like skins of an onion.

A heartfelt thank YOU for your support over the last 5 years! It has been a journey and I commit to making the next 5 even more exciting and profound.

Much love.

A State of Bliss


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Yoga - Massage (Ayurvedic) - Reiki - IET - Reflexology - Shamanic Work - Certification - Retreats and more!

Please note all classes are held at 194 Main Street in the Harbour House building.

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